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Floor Refinishing Gettysburg PA

Wood Floor Refinishing Gettysburg PA

If you want a refined and polished look for your aging hardwood floor, rely on the experts at Gettysburg Floor Finishers for an exceptional job.

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Traffic and continued use of wood floors causes them to wear off and look dull. Over the years, continued use causes dents, dings, scratches and damage from water or moisture. This leaves you with an old, tired and weary looking wood floor that screams for your attention, and not in the right way. You will never be proud of your home or business again until the floor has been refinished.

The good news however is that it is possible to get a spectacular looking floor without replacing. This can be achieved through our wood floor refinishing Gettysburg PA. We bring life back to your old and weary hardwood floors at a fraction of the price you would pay for replacement. Do not replace your wood floor just yet, let us refinish it for you and continue enjoying your investment for a long time.

Top Rate Floor Refinishing Gettysburg PA

Gettysburg Wood Flooring Experts

When it is time for wood floor refinishing Gettysburg PA nothing matters than quality service. This is what you will get from us. We offer quality refinishes using the highest quality products in the market. We also have technology required to properly prepare your wooden floor for refinishing. All the scratches, dents and dings will be a thing of the past when we are done with the floor.

We are proud of having the most experienced and highly trained technicians in the region. We ensure that they get consistent training on wood flooring. Furthermore we have specialized with offering wooden floor services therefore our technicians spend all their man hours dealing with wooden floors. We therefore offer nothing but expertise when it comes to wood floor refinishing.
Are you tired of bored and dull wooden floors in your house or property? Then give us a call today for the most comprehensive refinishing process in the market. Your floors will take up the attention of the room soon after.

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Our Wood Floor Refinishing Process

Step 1: Wood Floor Sanding

The process to restore your wooden floor to its former glory starts with proper sanding. Sanding is done with the right equipment so that it moves faster and less messy. During sanding, we ensure the top weary layer of your wood floor is completely removed so that the dents, scratches, and dings will be gone. 

Step 2: Staining

We offer a wide variety of stain colors for the wood floor. Most people are now moving away from the browns, oranges and the reds too much darker and subtle colors like grays. The dark colors enhance the natural grains of your wood floor making it look beautiful. 

Step 3: Sealing

After staining has been done, it is now time to seal the wood. Sealing covers the grains of wood and protects it from moisture and water damage. It also gives the floor a luster that adds to the elegance and beauty of your floors.

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Gettysburg Floor Finishers is located on 19 York St #22 in Gettysburg. From Lincoln Square Head east toward York St. Exit the traffic circle onto York St, Destination will be on the right. We are open Monday-Saturday 8 AM-4 PM. For additional questions you can call us at (717) 398-3750

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