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Having a house is a basic concept in many people’s minds, you just need a roof and a bed and that is all, but this is a very simplistic way of seeing things and in no way get close to the image of a home you have, a basic to use for a home is a nice wooden floor and since we are the best floor refinishing Gettysburg service you can find we are here to give you some advice.

To put together a home you need to follow your imagination and use every detail possible to make it feel like the best place in the world, since we spend less time every year indoors a home can be neglected but that only brings a decay in the quality of the time spent in it, in order to make sure every member of the family enjoys their time indoors you have to make use of all the possible decoration trends out there to make your home the place where everyone wants to be.

Here we give you a few tips of what to do to make your home even more inviting to stay in:

Use the Sun

The sun provides us with many positive things, without it there wouldn’t be food nor we would have plants in the world that is why it is so important in life but most of the times we neglect the use of it for decoration purposes, using the sun to your advantage to highlight certain aspects of the house is a costless yet very effective way to bring warmth into your residence, if you have hardwood floors the sun will bring the color of the wood out and will make the entire house shine thru the whole day as well as keeping the temperature really enjoyable.

To control the amount of light coming in you can make use of curtains or blinds that allow a more dramatic usage of the sun and the possibility to control every area depending on the use you will be giving to it.

Frame it!

A few decades ago you would come to any house and they would have pictured frames in a specific wall which was used to remember good moments or loved ones but his trend vanished in time due to the more minimalistic perspective that decoration took during a few years but this should be used again as a very positive way of filling spaces and making the house warmer.


The kitchen lost its charm for a few years but now those days are over with more color options and different gadgets that make the kitchen look fantastic is time to enjoy more the time spent in the kitchen, making the recipes you have seen online should be prioritized to make the house feel more like a home for all.



The floor brings all pieces together in harmony, to get the best information about floors you may contact us at

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