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Wood has to be the most popular flooring option, and for good reason. A wooden floor comes with several benefits compared to other flooring options. That is why it might be a good idea to look for floor refinishing Gettysburg services if you start noticing problems with your floor. Wooden floors will require a lot more work to keep them in excellent condition, but are often prefered thanks their beauty and classical appeal.

As a homeowner, you should learn how to protect the floor so that you don’t have to spend on costly repairs. There are some techniques you could use to improve the general quality of the wooden floors.

Protecting Against Floor Damage

The most effective way to protect the wooden floors against damage is by creating a no-shoe policy in the house. There should also be a shoe scraper outside the door to remove mud and dirt from the shoes.

Adding Rugs in Strategic Places

This should be in places that are susceptible to spills scratches. You should also set a designated area in the home for your pet.

Window Treatment

Dragging furniture and muddy feet are not the only things you should be worried about. Natural light can also have a toll on the wooden flooring because of ultraviolet rays. You can minimize the effects by ensuring that the shades are down whenever possible.

To improve the condition of the hardwood floor, you need to ensure:

Keep dirt off the floor: Having grit on the shoes can scratch the surface of the hardwood floor. The shoes should be left at the door or ensure there is a doormat at the entrance.

The floor is clean: The floor needs to be vacuumed regularly. The surface can be moped using a microfiber pad. Any spills should be wiped off as soon as they happen as failure to do so could lead to stubborn stains.

The finish is renewed: Having a fresh coat could brighten up the surface of the hardwood floor. It is recommended that you hire a professional as the process could be challenging.

Choosing The Right Cleaners

You should be wary about the type of cleaners you use for hardwood floors. Low-quality solutions could damage the surface of the floor. You can go online to look for product recommendations from credible sources. Alternatively, you can reach out to a flooring expert in your locality for advice on the best products to use.

Gettysburg Floor Refinishing and Maintenance

Having sparkling hardwood floors is one thing, but maintenance is another. Maintenance starts with basic care which is cleaning regularly with the right products. Other than that, you should also think about re-coating every five years using a new finish.

A floor that is well maintained can last for years without losing the shine that is associated with hardwood flooring. You should only use products that are approved by the manufacturer of the hardwood floor. The contractor that did the installation or repair should be able to assist in this regard. For more information on hardwood floors, you can check out

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