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It is a fact that hardwood floors look amazing in any home. Your visitors will certainly notice and comment on them when they come over since they add beauty and style that stands out. But, of course, you have to keep them looking great, so maintenance is a must. But no matter how well you maintain your hardwood floors, they do wear away through the years due to normal use and floor refinishing in Gettysburg  can help. The question here is: when exactly do your hardwood floors need to be refinished in order to keep looking great? We have compiled this list to help you answer that question. 

Water Damage

We all know about water damage because it has happened to all of us at least once. Water can damage a lot of things from your smartphone to your hardwood floors. Spills are bound to happen because we are only human; and, when they do, you have to clean those spills up right away because they start to cause damage right away. Leaks are another thing altogether because they are not always from an obvious source. If water is leaking unto your hardwood floors from a hidden leak, then you have to get professionals to find and repair that leak as soon as possible; being hidden, chances are that the leak has been ongoing for longer than you are aware of. Water damage might be a reason to have your hardwood floor refinished depending on the damage. 

Considerable and Deep  Scratches

You can’t avoid scratches on your hardwood floors, especially if you have kids. But as inevitable as scratches might be, there is a point where you just have to choose to refinish. You could just put a rug over an area that has a lot of scratches to make it look better, but if the scratches are all over the place and happen to be deep, they can lead to more damage, and even more so if water finds its way in there. 

Just too many Stains 

Something else that just cannot be avoided are stains. No matter how careful you are, you are bound to stain your car, your couch, your desk, and, yes, especially your hardwood floors. Stains are just something that we deal with because we can’t be perfect all of the time. So when they happen, we clean them up as best we can, but they still remain to a certain extent. That’s OK if they are few and not very noticeable, but once there are so many stains that they start to take away from the beauty and appeal of your hardwood floors, it is definitely time to have them refinished. 

Your hardwood floor does not pass the water test

So what is the water test? Basically, it is a way to ensure that your hardwood floors are still sealed properly in order to keep them safe from water damage. In order to perform this test, all you have to do is pour a small amount of water unto your floors to see if it seeps into the wood or not. If it does, in fact, seep in, then it is most definitely time to refinish. 

You want a new style for your floors

Choosing to refinish your hardwood floors does not have to be a result of needed repairs; you might just want to change the way that your home looks. Sometimes refinishing your floors isn’t about repairing damage or keeping water away. In some cases, you just want to change up your style. If this is the case,you do not have to completely replace your hardwood floors. You can just have them refinished! Whether you choose to do the refinishing yourself or hire professionals to do it, this is something that you should take a look at:



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