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Even the best-installed wood floors may eventually need refinishing. Whether you have installed solid, acryl or engineered wood floors, refinishing your wooden floors is one great way of increasing its aesthetic value. Many home owners choose wood floors because they maintain their aesthetic value for many years.

Cleaning wood floors is a less tasking activity, and with just mopping, your floors easily become clean. Even though wood floors are long lasting, eventually they need refinishing as part of maintenance. Refinishing restores the original beauty of your wood floors.

However, after prolonged refinishing of your hardwood flooring, they may need replacement. Therefore, it’s important for you to know when to refinish your floors. The following are some important guidelines on when to refinish your wood flooring:

Top 3 Indicators of the Best Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring

Refinish your hardwood flooring when:


  • Discolored and Extensively Scratched Out Wood


After many years of use, your wooden floors wear out and may get discolored. When the floors look worn out and not appealing to the eye, refinish the wood to make it look new again. In general, hardwood floors can be refinished up to eight times before they are replaced. If the floors are not adversely affected, sanding is recommended.


  • They’re Worn Out


Before refinishing your wood floors, make sure they’re of an appropriate thickness. If it’s below the recommended thickness, you may need to replace your wooden flooring. If not, you have to refinish the flooring after many years of use and it’s worn out or becomes thin. When your flooring is of recommended thickness to refinish, hire a professional to offer the service.


  • There’s Need to Refinish Frequently Used Sections


In some cases, you may need to refinish regularly-used flooring areas. Bedrooms often retain their original look for longer. However, certain parts of the house such as the living room get worn out faster due to high traffic. Sand floors that aren’t adversely scratched and follow with a new polyurethane application as top coat in a process called screening.

In such a case, there’s no need to remove wood. The process can be done as many times as possible. Wood refinishing is dependent on the thickness of your hardwood flooring. Assess wood planks in areas with heavy traffic such as the living room and compare it with a plank in less used area such as a walk-in closet.

With the difference in thickness, you’ll know the parts in need of refinishing. The type of wood flooring also determines if refinishing is needed and the number of times it can be done. Solid hardwood floors can be refinished several times in many years.

However, over the years, it may be impossible to refinish extremely damaged wood floors with structural problems or wood thinness. When refinishing your old flooring, make use of the latest hardwood stain on the market to give it a new luxurious look.

Are your floors worn out and look old? Contact Gettysburg Floor Finishers today to restore the original beauty of your wood floors.