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Wood Floor Sealing

Gettysburg Wood Floor Sealing

Wood floors become dull and worn out due to daily foot traffic and use. When this happens, all you need are the services of a pro, like us to bring your floor back to life. Wooden floors are usually installed to become a showpiece of your home or business.

However, as they are used they become dented, scratched, chipped and worn out. This can really affect the beauty of your space. With our services however you can get the floor you used to love back and at the fraction of the cost of replacement.

Wood floor sealing is extremely important because it offers the floor protection from water and moisture damage. It also ensures that your floor gets that shine and luster back. Within no time you will get the showpiece to your house back.

Quality Wood Floor Sealing Services

Sealing is not done to the old and worn out floor directly. The floor needs to be prepared first before sealing is done. It can first be prepared through sanding and then the deep scratches, dents and dings are removed. After that the floor is stained if need be and then a sealant is applied. That is the most comprehensive process.

The other process entails buffing the floor to remove the top covering to the wood. This process doesn’t remove the deep scratches and dents. It is quick, non-messy and cheaper than the more comprehensive method involving deep sanding. It is ideal for floors that do not have deep marks. After buffing has been done then a sealant is applied.

Our technicians do not cut corners when it comes to achieving the best results. We use high quality sealants so that you can be sure to have protection of your floors for long. With our sealing services you will enjoy a beautiful floor for a long time.


Expert Wood Floor Sealing

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in wood floor sealing. They are proficient in different methods of preparing your floor and ensure quality is achieved all the time. We aim at achieving the best results on time and budget.

We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded company therefore you can be sure that your home is under safe hands. We guarantee our work which just serves to show you how confident we are in the quality that we offer. Our aim is to leave the customer fully satisfied and happy of the work that we have done. Our track record shows that we have achieved this decades over.

Our aim is to always build long lasting relationships with our clients. We therefore work tirelessly to ensure that you are satisfied. We are not subcontractors that pick jobs, take their cut and leave you to deal with cheap inexperienced people working on your floor. Our employees are ours and we have fully invested in them to offer the best quality service in you. They are well trained, well remunerated and passionate about what they do.

Is your hardwood flooring dull and scratched? Are you looking for wood floor sealing services that you can trust? Call on our Gettysburg Wood Sealing Experts we will restore your wood floor back to its gleaming glory within no time and affordably.


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